Shaq Auditions For Pharrell's 'NBA 2K15' Soundtrack, Saves Rap

'Gimme a beat!'

Huh, I guess you really can't stop the reign. After getting word that Pharrell Williams would be curating the soundtrack for "NBA 2K15" (dropping October 7), Shaquille O'Neal decided to throw his hat turban from the set of "Kazaam" into the ring and audition for a spot on the lineup.

Is Shaq still the rap game, um, Shaq? We'll let the former NBA player's freestyle speak for itself: "Yo, Pharrell, this is Shaq/ Put me on the 2K15 track/ I won't let you down, that's just dumb/ Me and you both went platinum." I would've considered opening with "Hi my name is Shaq, and I'm here to say," but you know, do you.

All other rappers officially declared irrelevant.