How To Tinder Comic-Con

Get all the right-swipes you need in our step-by-step guide.

It seems like there's been a "how-to" for everything when it comes to San Diego Comic-Con. How to keep occupied while standing in line for Hall H, for example. How to meet your favorite celeb also comes to mind. How to avoid major body odor would be a good one, but we're not quite sure we've seen it yet. Anyway, the list goes on and on.

But we at MTV News fully realize that there exists out there in the universe a contingent of Con-goers with a different goal in mind -- mainly, the goal to hook up. And while we're not saying that we condone whatever shenanigans you're getting yourself into in that fancy Hard Rock suite, we do condone helping you out when it comes to making a nerdy love connection on Tinder.

Because we're nice.

Step 1: Switch Up Your Usual Profile


San Diego Comic-Con is a special occasion, so like it or not, you're definitely going to have to make a special profile.

And you know what? Why shouldn't you like it!? This is your one shot to let your freak flag fly, so you'd better take it. When you get back to New York or San Fran or [insert Midwestern location here] next week, you'll have to get back to your normal "five foot six, loves spin class and 'Survivor,' looking for true love" profile, so enjoy your freedom to geek out AND hook up while you still can.

Obviously a clear face-shot is still essential, but pics (and profile text) that show off your geeky interests, hometown, etc. will get you far. A profile that clearly shows who you are is key when you only have a few seconds to evaluate your potential love match, and vice versa.

Step 2: Clearly State Your Goals


Just because you want to have an encounter in the bathrooms near Hall H doesn't mean everybody else does. Want a one- or three-night stand? Put that on your page. Looking for something deeper? Well, then put that there. The goal is to get those swipes, yes, but you don't want to be dishonest -- it's only wasting yours and someone else's time, and since you're at Comic-Con, you certainly don't have a lot of it.

Step 3: Clearly State Where You Are Staying


Sorry, but we all know that proximity to the convention center is key. Just like how in New York a Manhattan-ite would probably swipe left for someone from Long Island, an Omni hotel-goer would do the same for someone shacking up in Mission Valley. Location, location, location.

(That said, we're all about trading up. Get that Hard Rock room hookup!)

Step 4: If You Cosplay, Cosplay Proud


If you're a guy (or gal) who is only here for the comic books and thinks SDCC all went downhill when those CW folks showed up, say so! You only have a few days, here, so the last thing you want to do is meet up at the Hard Rock for a drink, only to learn that your latest love interest is a Delena shipper who doesn't know the difference between DC and Dark Horse, or even someone from LA who just came down for the parties.

Again, everyone is here for a very different reason, and honesty is key to getting what you want quickly and efficiently. If you're a Slave Leia and you've always wanted to act out some cray cray fantasy about it (or vice versa), say so! It might just actually happen!

Step 5: If You Get Matched, Don't Be A Creep


Well, yes, generally this should be a step in everyday life, but we should repeat it just because. Remember, kids -- just because you're on vacation, and/or just because an object of your affection is scantily clad in her Cosplay, doesn't give you an excuse to be creepy.

If you skim someone's profile and it doesn't state that they're looking for casual sex -- because again, many people use Tinder to actually find romance -- don't assume that they are. (And hey, if that's all you're looking for, maybe even swipe left. You'll waste less time that way.) Assume they're here to meet a nice guy or gal, and actually read the things they're interested in before you send them a message -- if they swipe right, of course.

Also, keep in mind that even those looking for a casual hookup don't want to hear a message that immediately comments on their body, or things you might want to do to said body. Start with "love the 'Firefly' costume, did you hear the news about the website?" instead of, "love the 'Firefly' costume, are you a real space hooker ;)." One makes you sound like a human being who is capable of conversing with other human beings, the other makes you sound like the worst.

Got that? Good. You have everything you need when it comes to swiping for success. But in case you don't, here are your basic do's and don'ts:


*Make a fun, SDCC-based profile.

*Honestly and clearly express your hookup goals.

*Show your fandom/Cosplay in your profile.

*List where you are staying.


*Be a creep.

*Say you're looking for love when you want a one-night stand.

*Assume everyone wants the same thing you do.