Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Mac Miller Says Bill Murray Is A God

All hail Bill Murray!

Mac Miller loves him some Bill Murray and honestly what's not to love? He's an iconic actor and comedian who marches to the beat of his own drum.

"I'm a fan of his work," Mac told MTV News. "The aura of Bill Murray is really interesting to me. He's actually just like an anomaly of some sorts."

Miller definitely captured some of that aura on "It Just Doesn't Matter," a song from his Faces mixtape where he sampled Murray's unforgettable motivational speech from his 1979 film "Meatballs."

"God put Bill Murray on that song," Miller said.

Mac also sampled Murray's 1980's film "Where the Buffalo Roam" on "Grand Finale" and dubbed himself the "Young Bill Murray" on Statik Selektah’s 2013 single “21 & Over.”

Then there was the time when Miller came face-to-face with his idol when he played in his Murray Bros. Golf tournament, but he was too nervous to really make a connection.

"I actually got to meet him for five seconds, but I didn't want to have a conversation with him," Mac told us. "So I just kinda walked up, handed him some really expensive wine and dipped, but to me that's one of the gods."