The Documentary About Tim Burton And Nicolas Cage's Failed Superman Movie Has A Trailer

Nic Cage would've made a great Man of Steel.

What's the one thing in Tim Burton's career that makes him want to die? That would be the death of "Superman Lives."

Yes, for those who weren't aware, Burton was heading up a version of the film that starred Nicolas Cage as the man of steel. But along the way, something went wrong, and this version of the Superman story was canceled. However, a newly released trailer for a documentary about the canceled production poses a major "what if?" question about the film's angle. Turns out that those those who worked on that version of the film are still reflecting on what could've been.

Quite predictably from the project's title, the movie centered around "The Death of Superman" plot line. Screen tests of Cage in a Superman suit began to pop up around 2009, alerting everyone on full-time Cage Watch that he was on his way to a stint as Clark Kent.

So what kryptonite overpowered this brave, talented crew? What really went wrong? The forthcoming doc, titled "The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened?" will surely set the record straight. Until then, the trailer below is worth a watch, if only to see Nic Cage suited up in a seriously special-effects-laden Superman suit.