Robin Harper

The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Just Got WAY More Beyonce

Anastasia Steele? Meet Mistress Yonce.

Have you seen that super steamy "Fifty Shades Of Grey" trailer that dropped yesterday? The one you locked yourself into your room and repeatedly hit repeat on?

Well, despite all the gratuitous Jamie Dornan shirtlessness, we felt there was still something missing from it -- and that something is Beyoncé.

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So, we made some necessary alterations to the "Fifty Shades" trailer to give the film's soundtrack star, Beyonce, -- whose slowed-down version of "Crazy In Love" scores the steamy clip -- a bit of well-deserved screen time. Why? Let's just say if you question the Queen, you may find yourself in Mr. Grey's red room of pain. And so... presenting... the trailer for "Fifty Shades Of Bey," (which we totally made up), coming never to a theater near you.

I got a fever, and the only thing that can cure me is more cowbell Beyoncé.

Here's the actual "Fifty Shades" trailer, in case you're a monster who doesn't think Bey should star in it.