The 17 Most WTF Cosplay Pics From San Diego Comic-Con

Our nightmares are now yours.

UPDATE: Thanks for your help in the comments identifying some of the ones we couldn't get! We're modifying as we go along.

San Diego Comic-Con is a time for celebration of all things comics, movies, and games. But more importantly, it's a time for everyone to let their inner fashionista out and come up with some absolutely insane cosplay costumes.

The 2014 Con has been no different, with fans going to the nth degree to create costume tributes that are out of this world. Check out some of the craziest cosplays below, and get ready to be amazed, confused, and disturbed, all at once.

1. A Knight Who Says Nii!

In a few days, this will be a knight who says "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Zoooooooom Boing Ni!"

2. An Ominous Looking Pokémon Thing (Slugterra)

If Nemo and Pikachu had a baby, and it was terrifying, it would look like this.

3. Eyeball Head With A Top Hat (Member of "The Residents")

Nightmares for days. DAYS.

4. Voltron

Fun fact: those are actually 5 separate people who come together to form the costume.

5. Weapon X Wolverine

Hugh Jackman? More like Who Jackman, am I right? Get this guy a movie deal, STAT!

6. Stay Puft Marshallow Man

They crossed the streams!

7. Biker Pig And Gremlin

Coming to NBC this Fall.

8. Swamp Thing

This is what happens when you wait in line for too long.

9. Sad Robot (Brobot from "Homestuck")

Cheer up, robot! Sure, everyone wanted to take pictures of R2D2, but we still love you!

10. Dot Matrix From 'Spaceballs'

That virgin alert is probably off the charts.

11. Fluttershy From "My Little Pony"

Every time a bell rings, this Brony angel appears to terrify children.

12. BMO From 'Adventure Time'

Or, if you haven't seen the show, just a really happy Game Boy Color.

13. Jawa Parent And Child

The family that cosplays together stays together.

14. Ice King From "Adventure Time"

We hope he found Elsa. They'd have so much in common.

15. Vanellope Von Schweetz From "Wreck-It Ralph"

Who knew lots of candy gave you such awesome biceps?

16. Bad-Ass Cat

We'd hang out with this cat, all day, everday.

17. Fancy Bunny

What will give you more nightmares, this bunny, or the "Donnie Darko" bunny? Either way, you lose.