'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Stars Discuss 'Sexual Acrobatics' In Behind-The-Scenes Set Video

Watch this if you like learning new dirty words!

First yesterday's epic trailer-bomb, and now this? "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans, this is officially your moment.

After revealing the first official "Fifty" trailer live on Thursday (July 24), "Today" took things a step further on Friday, when Natalie Morales aired a scintillating behind-the-scenes video tour of the movie's Vancouver set, with interviews from stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (and director Sam Taylor-Johnson) to boot.

"I can see myself in [Anastasia], I can see a lot of her in me," Johnson admitted in a tell-all sit down with the cast, before joking about Dornan and his "golden torso."

Dornan, however, was less quick to admit that he was anything like the controlling, BDSM-enthusiast Christian Grey.

"I have to be careful how I answer this," Dornan said with a laugh. "There's always something about any character that you play that you're drawn to, because you feel like it relates to something within you."

Of course, the stars also addressed the film's many risque sex scenes -- which Dornan eventually referred to as "sexual acrobatics."

"The reality of it is like, a burly man you don't know very well three feet from your face [filming you], which isn't how you usually have sex," Dornan explained. "Me, anyway."

"I do," Johnson replied with a laugh.

For more "Fifty Shades" -- including a second video from Morales' visit that was too hot for TV -- check out the clips below!

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