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Katy Perry Pulls A Beyonce, Bikes To Her Brooklyn Show

Is it time to sound the hipster alarm?

How do you think Katy Perry got to the Barclays Center for the first of her two Prismatic World Tour stops in Brooklyn? By limo? Cat-drawn chariot? Did she float over there with the help of some big balloons? Nope, she just rode her bike. The hipster is strong in this one.

The "This Is How We Do" singer took a photo of her two-wheeled exploits, and posted the pic on Instagram, captioning: "[Bike] Squad 2 BARCLAYS! Gonna shut it down tahnight!!! #ThisIsHowWeDo."


Katy's not the first of our pop faves to suddenly be overcome by the spirit of all things hipster-y upon entering the New York City borough.

Last August, Beyoncé rode a bicycle all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge to get to her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour concert at Barclays.


Sure, it starts with biking. But the next thing you know, Bey and Katy will be hurtling through the streets demanding that you recognize their "BICYCLE RIGHTS!!!1" as they make their way to the flea market to sell off all of their fancy designer clothes in order to earn enough money to buy up every last kombucha mother in the city, which they will promptly liberate into the East River.

Catey Shaw better watch out.