'Guardians Of The Galaxy': The Early Reviews Are Rolling In

Things are looking up for the galaxy's ragtag band of misfits.

There's still one week to go before the wide release of "Guardians of the Galaxy," at which point we will all know for sure whether it's the best and most exciting movie ever made, or just the best and most exciting movie ever made that features a talking raccoon with a laser pistol.

HOWEVER. The early reviews from Hollywood insiders have begun to creep on to the internet, and while it's too early to officially celebrate its success, let's put it this way: Things are looking promising. From praising the movie's cheeky blend of action and humor to celebrating Chris Pratt's surprising action-star turn, it seems that the film's first critics have nothing but love for this interplanetary romp. Read on for a quick roundup of the early buzz.

Gags galore

"'Guardians' has a little more space for irony, goofiness, and sarcasm than the other Marvel movies, which Gunn and co-screenwriter Nicole Perlman relish in exploring with great one-liners and running gags." — James Rocchi, The Wrap

Thrilling visuals

"Despite occasional disregard for the laws of physics, much of the imagery displayed onscreen is so realistic and thrill-inducing that sometimes even the plot becomes almost secondary during the more intensely visual sequences." — Justine Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

Buoyant, cheeky, and a breakout for Chris Pratt

"An unusually prankish and playful Marvel Studios vehicle, director James Gunn’s presumptive franchise-starter is overlong, overstuffed and sometimes too eager to please, but the cheeky comic tone keeps things buoyant — as does Chris Pratt’s winning performance as the most blissfully spaced-out space crusader this side of Buckaroo Banzai." — Scott Foundas, Variety

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