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This Lovely Card Welcomed Lorde To Japan

Penpals are the best.

When I was a teenager, I had a penpal from Japan, and I would get so excited when her letters came in the mail. Well, as they say, the stars -- they are just like us.

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Lorde apparently gets similarly stoked when receiving international correspondence. There is one difference, though: When I got a letter in the mail I could basically show it to, like, my mom. Lorde tweets her missive and scores 2,000+ "Likes." [Insert joke about never being "royal" here.]

Before playing Japan this coming Tuesday, Lorde shared a lovely image on Twitter featuring a letter from a fan named Rio. You can read the note below. The collaging here is pretty next level:

Ella's next stop on tour is Chicago for Lollapalooza in August. Let's see if fans in the Second City can best Rio's crafting skills.