Barcroft TV/YouTube

Can You Skate Under 39 SUVs? This Kid Can

Watch 6-year-old Gagan Satish's mind-blowing feat.

Are you ready to feel inadequate? Here's a video of 6-year-old Gagan Satish from Bangalore, India, roller-skating underneath 39-consecutive SUVs. That's 69.2 meters (just over 227 feet!) in only 29.8 seconds.

The rest of us can just go home.

While Satish's act of limbo-skating (as the sport is called) beat the previous Guinness World Record of 48.21 meters, the attempt is currently still under consideration. Still, his parents are extremely proud. "We are really lucky to have a son like Gagan," dad Rajanna Satish told Barcroft TV. "He has been blessed by God."

I'm gonna file that under: "Words my parents will never say about me because I'm not a record-breaking limbo-skating prodigy."