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Why Can't Nicki Minaj Show Off Her Butt If Supermodels Can?

Kate Upton flaunts her ass-ets, so why shouldn't Nicki?

Why can't the Internet just let Nicki Minaj's derrière be great? The YMCMB rapper hit us with the reverse Sucka Free squat in her racy "Anaconda" cover art, which left us sweating, but apparently some people, somewhere, thought it was "unacceptable."

We're not sure exactly who these people are, but their feedback was enough to prompt a string of late-night Instagram posts on Thursday, where Nicki laid out photos of supermodels baring their asses and pretty much posed the question: what's the problem here?

(Update: one of Nicki's Barbz has pointed out that Sharon Osbourne definitely had some negative things to say on "The Talk").

The posts were as followed, complete with her captions:




"Angelic. Acceptable. Lol"


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