The Five Best Bites From 'Snack-Off''s On-A-Stick Episode

See how the judges stomached...a PB&J burger?

You know when you're walking around the kitchen, and you're like: Hey, maybe it would taste good if I put peanut butter and salami in a pan and then poured that on a jalapeno and ate it? Well, on tonight's "Snack-Off," it earned a contestant top honors.

On the episode, which challenged three amateur chefs to make dishes on sticks, and later to take PB&J to a new level, the show's panel of judges got more than they bargained for with a menu that included "Lick Me Love Me Special Sticks," among other enticing entrees. You won't see innovation like this in any Mario Batali joint!

Some meals got rave reviews, while others ended up in the refuse. Check out the best bites from tonight's episode -- and the reactions they got -- and then tell us if there's any snack you'd consider for yourself!

5) Chrissy Teigen on the Hangover Helper

4) Jason Quinn on the Crunchie Munchie

3) Contestant Grant with a powdered doughnut he illegally obtained

2) Yassir Lester on the Lick Me Love Me Special Sticks

1) Chrissy Teigen on the Lick Me Love Me Special Sticks