17 Stars You Need To Follow On Instagram For Comic-Con

Major side effects include FOMO.

San Diego Comic-Con is a place for geeks, nerds, and dweebs alike to revel in their various fandoms, sure, but it's also really about the VIPs.

However, what we love about the below 17 celebrities is their perfect blend of famous-ness and Comic-Con geekery -- and how happy they are to share their experiences with their Instagram public. (Warning: Everyone on this list is having a lot more fun than you!)

1. Felicia Day

We had to list the Queen of the Cons first because... come on. Follow her for the perfect blend of celebrity and fan.

2. Norman Reedus

Follow Norman for great behind-the-scenes action and fan art, but also sometimes cat pics.

3. Maisie Williams

The Starks may be losing the Game of Thrones, but Maisie is winning the game of social media. Follow the little Stark for silly videos, behind-the-scenes action, and, well, everything you could ever possibly need -- including her lovely friendship with her onscreen sis Sophie Turner, who makes frequent appearances in Maisie's videos.

4. Tyler Posey

Follow Tyler if you don't mind seeing werewolves acting like goofballs -- or broken toe pics, since, you know, he posted a close-up one on Thursday.

5. Tyler Hoechlin

Follow "Teen Wolf's" OTHER Tyler if sexy shirtless wolves in artsy glasses are your thing. (They are.)

6. Danielle Campbell

Follow "The Originals" star for BTS Comic-Con stuff, including bromantic reunion pics with Klaus and Elijah!

7. Adelaide Kane

Adelaide REIGNS supreme at everyday life shots, Gollum selfies, and kitty pics. Follow!

8. Zachary Quinto

Like you WOULDN'T follow Spock as he makes his way through SDCC. As you can see via this flight attendant bonding photo, he's just landed in San Diego and will surely continue to record his zany misadventures.

9. Colton Haynes

Colton and the rest of the "Arrow" cast (most of whom arrive on Friday for their panel) are super close, and also super great at posting day to day BTS shots -- so, yeah, worth a follow.

10. Emily Bett Rickards

More "Arrow," more follow.

11. Stephen Amell

... What, you thought we'd tell you to follow half the "Arrow" cast, but not the man himself? You have most definitely failed this Comic-Con. Admittedly Amell is more of a Tweeter and Facebooker, but he checks into his 'gram account from time to time -- posting BTS stuff but also pics of his adorable daughter -- and is definitely worth your follow.

12. Grant Gustin

Oh and hey, there's also The Flash, who arrives at Con on Friday. Follow him. He's fantastic.

13. Mark Ruffalo

Hulk smash your phone if you don't follow our favorite Insta family-man, who also posts pics with Robert Downey Jr. His panel isn't until Saturday so he's kept quiet so far, but trust us -- Bruce Banner will be back to posting epic RDJ bro-shots soon.

13. Emily Kinney

Beth from "The Walking Dead" has already kept busy posting some intimate cast moments from Con. So, what are you waiting for? Follow!

14. Orlando Jones

Another known celeb-slash-super fan, Orlando is a must-follow year-round, but he's especially geektastic at Comic-Con.

15. Chloe Moretz

The always fun and stylish Chloe seems to be having a blast at SDCC... so, you know, follow!

16. Gillian Jacobs

Britta may be the worst, but Gillian isn't -- and she's also very worth your follow.

17. Nina Dobrev

Nina's happiness is infectious. She's worth a follow year-round, but she'll surely be up to some of her token antics once she hits the SDCC floor on Friday.