5 Reasons We Miss The Old Derek Hale On 'Teen Wolf'

The former Alpha is losing his power -- and he's totally not the same.

After losing his pack, his Alpha status and his blazing blue eyes, it's safe to say that our beloved Derek Hale simply isn't the same. Tear. Actually, all the tears.

Now that his "Teen Wolf" powers appear to be dwindling, our favorite former Alpha is becoming a mere shadow of the confident, badass lycanthrope he once was. While we don't know for sure what (or who) is causing Derek's supernatural awesomesauce to fade — Kate Argent? The Benefactor? His jaunt in Benjamin Button Land? — we do know that we miss the old Derek somethin' terrible. Specifically:

1. His Shirt (Or Lack Thereof)

We can't recall the last time we had a shirtless Derek in our midst. Maybe it was back when he was being tortured? *shudder* Is he depression eating, and therefore purposely keeping his six-pack under wraps? He definitely hasn't been doing pull-ups lately, that's for sure.

2. His Piercing Blue Eyes

Those blue eyes could see clear through to your soul (it seemed). Heck, we'll even take Alpha red. Anything but Beta yellow. It's so sad.

3. His Ladies' Man Confidence

Doesn't matter if D was pining after an innocent (Paige) or a baddie (Jennifer "The Darach" Blake) -- he was self-assured and knew exactly what he wanted in the female department. As painful as it was to watch the hotter Hale make out with anyone who wasn't us, we miss that confidence.

4. His Unbeatable Alpha Aura

Back when Derek was top dog, he instinctively knew how to run a pack and keep his new Betas in check. As much as Scott and Stiles are trying to reign in Liam's and Malia's newbie fangs, they don't quite have the je ne sais quoi that Derek had.

5. His Resolve To Fight 'Til The End

Derek was always quick to make the baddies of Beacon Hills his b**ches, whether seeking vengeance for his ill-fated sister Cora or his crew of supernatural friends. But now, when D should be angrier than ever over the missing Hale fortune and his lackluster powers, he simply seems defeated... and we hate it. SOMEBODY SAVE DEREK!

+ What do you miss most about the old Derek? Do you think he can be saved? Comment with your thoughts and catch a new episode of "Teen Wolf" Monday at 10/9c!