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Daniel Radcliffe's 'Horns' Poster Will Give You Nightmares

Temple of doom.

You don't have to sell your soul for a new look at Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming dark fantasy movie "Horns," all you need to do is check out the brand new poster, below:

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Author Joe Hill, whose bestselling novel the movie is based on, posted the new look on his Tumblr, and... It's way more terrifying than the last poster we saw.

From the horns bloodily pushing their way out of Radcliffe's temple, to Juno Temple lying on the ground under Radcliffe's giant head, the look is a disturbing one. Which fits the book, which jumps between dark humor, horror and fantasy.

If you're looking to get a little more on "Horns," be sure to tune in to MTV's livestream from Comic-Con, as Radcliffe will be appearing live to plug the movie - and way more!

"Horns" hits movie theaters on Halloween.