Does 'Finding Carter' Couple David And Elizabeth Stand A Chance?

Carter's biological parents aren't seeing say the least.

Carter Stevens might have her issues, but let's not forget -- the house around her is crumbling.

Since the premiere of "Finding Carter," the troubled teen's biological parents, David and Elizabeth, have convincingly played the part of happy couple -- she keeps a close watch on curfew, he offers jokes to cut through tense times. But the truth is, they're coming apart at the seams, and if Elizabeth's latest confession is true, their marriage is one conversation away from over.

Though rules and order dictate most of Elizabeth's life, the police officer is totally lawless in the scope of her own marriage. Not only is her affair with Gabe's dad Kyle alive and well, she recently told her co-worker that she's ready to fly the coop. Add her cold, stoic demeanor to the mix, and she's certainly made her contribution to the wasting away of her relationship.

Still, David's not blameless. Elizabeth might be stern without apology, but at least she's clear about where she stands -- David continues to assure Carter he's got her best interests at heart but is underhandedly moving along with a book project that will exploit her. Further, when he bought Taylor and Carter a new car without so much as a glance at his household's bank statement, he proved he has absolutely no concern for the family's welfare. And, not for nothing, he continues to be a drain on the family's finances without adding a cent to the piggybank.

Honeymooners, they ain't. So tell us what you think: Can Elizabeth and David work things out, or are they doomed as a couple?

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