Katy Perry's 'This Is How We Do' Lyric Video Is Here, And It's So 'Saved By The Bell'

This makes us miss the '90s a lot.

Katy Perry evokes some serious nostalgia in the lyric video for her YOLO club anthem, "This Is How We Do," which features tons of graphics that recall video games, movies and TV shows from the bygone days of the '80s and '90s.

We already knew Perry was into the old stuff (if you consider "old" things that happened, like, 20 years ago). The artwork for "Roar" featured some pretty Lisa Frank-y flair and her Prismatic World Tour is just bursting at the glittery seams with '90s flashbacks.

"This Is How We Do," however, had us aching for old-school arcade games -- and our VCR (a.k.a. how old people watched movies before Netflix).

We spotted some spins on the title sequences for such classics as "Saved By The Bell" and "Back To The Future." What remnants of your youth did you uncover? Did they make you excited and/or scared?