Follow Comicbookgirl19's Adventures At Comic Con

This professional geek is your guide to the best of all things SDCC.

Meet comicbookgirl19: pink-haired, sleeved in ink, and full of delicious insights about all things geeky and comic culture. She's the opiniated pop culturalist of your dreams -- and for the next several days, your own personal window into the best of San Diego Comic Con.

The eponymous host of the Comic Book Girl 19 show on YouTube, this lady has been delighting audiences for the past two years with movie reviews, recaps, in-depth "Epic History" lessons about the houses of Westeros, and the occasional public apology to George R. R. Martin. When not holding forth on fantasy hierarchies or genderflipped superheroes, comicbookgirl19 leads an exciting life full of mystery, and sometimes, paint.

Starting today, she can be found at Comic Con -- where, if you follow her at a respectful (digital) distance, you'll get an expertly curated peek at all the exhibits, cosplay, convention drama, and maybe even a pair or two of personalized underpants.