16 Incredibly Bizarre Tattoos From 'The Sims'

The life-simulating video game is all about customizing your avatar, and that means plenty of tattoos. Weird tattoos.

It's weird to think, but "The Sims" franchise used to be a game about building a tiny town. You made roads, you built schools...occasionally, an ecoterrorist would show up. Now it seems like "The Sims" is more about making virtual people and covering them with insane tattoos. Thanks to mods, hacking and the nonstop weirdness of humans in general, you can outfit a sim with everything from back tattoos to face tattoos to, uh, llamas.

Here are some of the weirdest Sims tattoo designs on the internet, some of which are possibly NSFW, if you work in an office that discourages blurred-out virtual genitalia.