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Colton Haynes Graduates To Full-Time Superhero On 'Arrow'

Haynes' Roy Harper will don a costume as comic book good guy Arsenal.

He started on "Teen Wolf," then moved to "Arrow," and now the hunky Colton Haynes is a full fledged superhero. As just revealed in a pic over at Entertainment Weekly, Haynes will be donning a suit (sans tie) full time as he reaches his superhero destiny in "Arrow" season three:

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In the comics, his character Roy Harper takes on the identity of Arsenal as well -- and interestingly, ends up in an incredibly complicated relationship (to say the least) with the sometime villainous Cheshire.

What's interesting about this is that Cheshire was raised in China in the comics. Where are seasons three's flashbacks featuring Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) taking place? Hong Kong.

That's in China, by the way.

"Arrow" returns to The CW this Fall.