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Something Provoked Nicki Minaj To Comment On Racism Today

"Racism is alive & well," the YMCMB rapper tells fans.

It would be hard to guess what, exactly, inspired Nicki Minaj's string of tweets about racism on Wednesday (July 22) -- because there can be oh so many reasons -- but it seems fair to say that something really got under her skin.

Out of nowhere Nicki spit out a few messages to fans, noting that we've still got a long way to go in the battle against racism, and also adding that they should never stop working diligently towards what they want to achieve.

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"racism is alive & well," the YMCMB rapper tweeted. "some people have to put in work. others get to cut corners. we see it but don't say it. welcome to the real world."

A little dose of reality, in the middle of the week.

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