Pharrell Williams

Miley Cyrus Crashes Pharrell's Twerk-Party In 'Come Get It Bae' Video

She can't stop.

"Beauty has no expiration date" -- those words flash across the screen at the beginning of Pharrell Williams' new video for "Come Get It Bae," featuring Miley Cyrus. We're not exactly sure what he's referring to, since the video is jam-packed with youthful, lovely dancing ladies -- a la his vid for "Marilyn Monroe" -- but it's a cool message all the same.

Perhaps he's responding to joking claims that he retains his youthful appearances via vampiric methods? But I digress ...

The video's a simple affair, more pared down than previous videos for G I R L, featuring Skateboard P filming and grooving with a variety of ladies -- and sporting a significantly smaller hat than he's been donning since the Grammys.

Miley, featured on the song, dances with him, busting out some goofy moves in cut-offs and a topknot.

Blast this to while away your Hump Day.