2 Chainz Will Perform On 'Wild 'N Out' Tonight...Sorta

Two Season 6 cast members impersonate the rapper -- with hilarious results.

2 Chainz had no problem beating Nick Cannon at his own game on Season 5 of "Wild 'N Out." But it seems the rapper may have been too busy for a rematch this year, leaving Nick to book the next best thing.

"For double the fun, here's two 2 Chainz," Nick says in this sneak peek for tonight's new episode. The "rappers" are actually comedians Chico Bean and B Daht in disguise, but no one can really tell...right?

In the clip, below, Chico and B sing along to a 2 Chainz-like tune for a parody song called "I Make My Songs About Nothing"; it pokes fun at the rapper's ability to make a hit record regardless of the lyrics.

We must admit, Chico and B Daht do a pretty spot-on impersonation, but they're missing two very important details: two chains!

Check out the full performance, and don't miss Bow Wow (the real one) on "Wild 'N Out" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!