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105-Year-Old Grandma Throws Better First Pitch Than Bieber, 50 Cent, Obama & More

Watch how Agnes McKee's baseball arm looks better than these NBA All-Stars, an Olympic gold medalist and other male celebrities.

Agnes McKee is many things: A great-grandmother, an avid gamer (she loves to play Wii bowling), a ballroom dancer, a skydiver, a centenarian and a stronger competitor than men younger than half her age. Last Sunday, she threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Padres-Mets game. And while it maybe wasn't quite a fastball, it was enough to impress Padres catcher René Rivera:

Not bad for a 105-year-old, 90-pound, "not quite five feet tall" lady. In fact, not bad for anybody, because she hurled that ball closer to home plate than 50 Cent did earlier this year:

If you're going to be in the spotlight, why wouldn't you practice a bunch beforehand? Practice doesn't always make perfect, but it usually makes you passable at least -- that's the kind of wisdom you pick up over 105 years of life (and athletic) experience. It's obvious Agnes McKee knew that. And it's also obvious these other male celebrities didn't:

Justin Bieber

President Obama

NBA MVP Dirk Nowitzki

9-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis

NBA All Star John Wall

Baba Booey From 'Howard Stern Show'