'Teen Wolf' Poll: Should Scott Have Taken Out Assassin Violet While He Had The Chance?

The Alpha Wolf could have really helped his own cause...

Violet, a teenage assassin who's been commissioned by The Benefactor, has already taken out a handful of supernatural beings included on the "Teen Wolf" hit list. But on Monday night's episode, she learned the hard way that you simply don't mess with Alpha Wolf Scott McCall.

After the Clyde to Violet's Bonnie, Garrett, weakened a beta wolf named Brett with a wolfsbane-laced knife at the season's first lacrosse game, Violet looked ready to pounce and secure her latest paycheck. But Brett just turned out to be her bait, and when a concerned Scott chased after him, he quickly found himself wrapped up in Violet's infamous head-severing garrotte. He suffered for a moment, but as soon as his eyes turned red, and he tapped into his strength, he gained the upper-hand. In an instant, Violet was on the floor, unconscious.

Scott has proven to be a benevolent warrior and hasn't yet killed an enemy, but considering Violet was ready to burn through his flesh with her weapon -- and will probably try again the next chance she gets -- shouldn't he have just taken her out? And, if not for himself, for the many other supernatural creatures that are included in the dead pool, whom Violet will soon be after?

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