Zoe Saldana Is Having A Baby

The actress's publicist confirms: a mini-Saldana is on the way.

After having "Rosemary's Baby" earlier this year, an actual baby should be a piece of cake for Zoe Saldana, who will soon be giving birth to her own, non-demon-spawn child with husband Marco Perego.

Saldana's publicist confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the actress, 36, is about three months pregnant. The news apparently came with the caveat that Saldana won't address the news publicly herself until she's closer to her due date, which means that we'll all have to wait awhile for the answers to our most burning questions, such as, "Is it a boy or a girl?" and "Will the baby be named Rocket Raccoon?"

However, we can speculate that this pregnancy was perfectly timed to coincide with the break between Zoe's commitments to various action-packed movie roles. Having wrapped "Guardians of the Galaxy," the actress has a nice window of time in which she can get down to the business of baby-having, and still get back into fighting shape for her role as the huntress Neytiri in the "Avatar" sequels... that is, unless James Cameron plans to work a pregnancy into the movie's plot?