Releasing Music On Pornhub? That's The Route Coolio Is Going

The 'Gangster's Paradise' rapper is making an unconventional return to music.

We can't even count how many years it's been since Coolio has released new music, but apparently the rapper has plans to drop a new project soon...and he wants to do it via Pornhub. What?

TMZ reports that the "Gangster's Paradise" rapper has exclusively teamed up with the x-rated site to release his new tunes.

It sounds like his first video will legitimately be called "Take it to the Hub," which he filmed with a bunch of porn stars (duh) out in California. The porn stars obviously came courtesy of the site.

Back in 2009, Coolio was arrested for trying to sneak crack cocaine through LAX airport. After his music career fizzled out, he appeared on several TV shows including "Charmed” and “Futurama,” and even reality shows such as “Celebrity Fear Factor" and “Celebrity Bootcamp.

He also had an online series called “Cookin’ With Coolio.”