The Rock Finally Explains That Fannypack And Turtleneck Chains Pic

The mystery. The elegance.

After a week of silence, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has finally opened up about that 1990s throwback photo that set the internet ablaze.

The picture in question surfaced on Johnson's Instagram on July 16. At the time, the actor seemed as mystified as anyone else as to why he ever thought this particular outfit was a good idea, tagging the pic #WTF:

#WTF, indeed! And when he made an appearance on Tuesday's episode of "The Tonight Show" to promote his new film "Hercules," Johnson was put on the spot by Jimmy Fallon, who demanded an explanation — and received one. Sort of. Although The Rock did not reveal the psychological motivations for his chainz-on-turtleneck ensemble, he did answer everyone's most urgent question about the photo. That question being, What's in the fannypack?

The answer: Pop Tarts and condoms. Which, let's be honest, is just a bit too weird and specific to be anything but the truth.