4 Things To Freak Out About In The New 'If I Stay' Trailer

Total emotional meltdown guaranteed.

A new trailer for "If I Stay" dropped online Tuesday, and that sound you hear is the collective joyful shrieking of fans of the literary source material, who are now officially riding the Wish Fulfillment Express all the way to Megafeelsville.

Based on Gayle Forman's bestselling novel, "If I Stay" tells the story of Mia (Chloë Grace Moretz), a girl who finds herself in a limbo between life and death after a tragic accident. This second peek at the film offers an extensive look at the time before the pivotal car crash that changes everything for its heroine, and it's full of so many great moments from the book that we'd been dying to see onscreen (and hoping wouldn't get lost in translation.) Below, a rundown of all the things to flail about in the latest trailer for "If I Stay."

1. Mia and Adam and Adam and Mia

The teen romance at the center of "If I Stay" is extra-super-strength important; if the filmmakers don't get it right, nobody will understand how it could be the one big thing keeping Mia from giving up and moving on. But we think it's safe to say: They nailed it. Even in these teensy glimpses of Moretz and Jamie Blackley in action, their chemistry is crazy.

2. String-plucking galore.

Music is so important to this story that it's practically a character in and of itself, and it looks like the movie picked up on that focus, too. We count a half dozen musical instruments just in the trailer alone.

3. Also, string-plucking. GALORE. (Wink!)

Without spoiling anything for those who haven't read the book, those who have know that there's a particularly pivotal scene in it wherein a character gets her body played like a guitar... and right around 1:48, there's definitely a glimpse of something sexy going on.

4. And of course, Grandpa tears.

He's very much a secondary character, but the old man's appearance in the trailer basically cements this film's Serious Tearjerker status. Dude was on screen for three seconds, and he had us sobbing in less than two.

"If I Stay" hits theaters August 22.