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Download Our San Diego Comic-Con Activity Book And Never Be Bored Again

Color a Loki, puzzle out a crossword.

This year's San Diego Comic-Con is finally upon us, and we can hardly wait to see what surprises, news and nerdy action await us this year.

Wait, we can. We can and will wait.

A necessary evil of Comic-Con is that there's so. much. waiting., whether it's the line for your most-anticipated Hall H panel or an ever-snaking queue for that coveted exclusive toy or poster. The wait is worth the while, of course, considering that you get to see your favorite actors in person, meet the creators and artists you idolize and experience a geekish glee unlike no other, but still -- it's a lot of waiting.

To make that wait just a little more tolerable this year, we've created a San Diego Comic-Con Activity Book to keep you occupied. Grab a pack of crayons and a pen, and enjoy yourself with our crosswords, coloring pages and I Spy games while you wait. Who knows, the time may even fly. (Or not.)

Click here to download the full activity book!

...Or if you're the type that only wants a page or two, here's what waits you inside the printable booklet:

Coloring Pages

Crossword Puzzles

Mad Libs

I Spy