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Kirko Bangz Wants To Open A Homeless Shelter

On the heels of his Kirko's new single, 'Rich,' we asked him what he'd do if he got really, really rich.

In "Rich," the new single for his upcoming album Bigger Than Me, Kirko Bangz raps about overcoming doubters and chasing success. And, like the song title suggests, it's about trying to get rich, too -- and the sacrifices you have to make to get there.

Sure, the Houston native has some paper, thanks to hit songs like "Drank in My Cup" and "What Yo Name Iz?" but he still wants more. So we asked him for a few things he'd love to do once he's really, really rich. Here's what he came up with.

Help The Homeless

The first thing I would do is, I would get some type of way to make a shelter and create jobs for all the homeless people in Houston. And make it so there wouldn't be no homeless people. That's a problem everywhere. I don't even understand how there's a homeless person in the world.

Become A Business, Man

I would create some type of company to where all my partners could have great jobs and free healthcare and all that. Just to where I can help them out. You know, a lot of times, you don't wanna give 'em handouts. Me, I wanna put you in a position to do it for yourself. So when you buying stuff for yourself and your family, they ain't like, Oh, you got that from Kirk, they know that all day, you actually worked for this.

Wake Up In A New Bugatti

Of course, I'm into cars. I wanna get a Bugatti. Probably red. I ain't driven one yet, hell nah. I ain't even touched a Bugatti before. My favorite car is a Ferrari, though.

Dear Mama

I would send my mom wherever. She ain't really on no materialistic stuff, so she probably wouldn't want me to buy her nothing. I'd just send her everywhere; she could see the world. She's been working so hard, man, all these years, so I just wanna retire her. She's still working now. I would retire my mom and send here wherever she wanna go and whatever she wanna do with her life.

Get Throwed

I would get me a throwed ass crib. And I'd have a throwed ass indoor and outdoor gym and everything. Just a super throwed ass crib with all type of extra shit that I never ain't gonna use. But I don't wanna have it in no suburbs; I want it in the country. I wanna have a ranch and shit, too. Just some real country boy sh--. Way out there with a whole bunch of land. Go carts and dirt bikes and all types of sh--.