Everything You Need To Know About San Diego Comic-Con In One Infographic

Get ready to walk the equivalent of 29 football fields ... just in one line!

Infographic By Natasha Taylor & Amelia Rossi

If there's one thing comic book fans love, it's numbers. Whether arguing about just how fast Superman can actually fly, how rich Bruce Wayne is, or the physics of Spider-Man swinging around Manhattan, it's a staple of comic book fandom.

So what better way to celebrate San Diego Comic-Con than with a numeric breakdown of the ultimate fanboy mecca? There is none, and we brought all the most important numbers to you in a fun, handy infographic.

Whether you want to know how big the San Diego Convention Center is, the most expensive item at the Con, how long the lines are, and what your chance is of getting into the coveted Hall H (spoiler: not good), we've got you covered.

Check it out, and enjoy all of our Comic-Con coverage throughout the weekend.