Who Stole Mac Miller’s Dog?

Have you seen Ralphie?

When Mac Miller returns on Wednesday with the second season of “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family” on MTV2, fans will see the cast that they all know and love. Jimmy, Q, Dave, and DJ Clockwork are back as well as some new editions to the crew. During season 2, fans will introduced to Ralphie and Lauren, Mac’s adorable dogs.

“That’s a great episode, seeing little Ralphie come through, him and his sister Lauren, and they come and have a great time,” Mac told MTV News when we interviewed him in New York City on July 13. “Ralphie’s a star; he was born in the camera. Literally I took from the shelter and brought him back to the crib and there were cameras waiting for him.”

Unfortunately, Mac and Ralphie, are no longer together. During our interview the Watching Movies rapper made a sad revelation. “In real life, he recently got dog-napped actually,” Miller said somberly.

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