Daniel Radcliffe Sexts Like A 1950s English Soap Opera Actor

If that were a thing he did, we mean.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

If you were, say, dating Daniel Radcliffe, don't go expecting him to be hip to modern dating and communication rituals — because he's just not good at it.

"Everyone in the world is used to a really fast rate of text, and I just don't match up to that," Radcliffe explained to MTV News' very own Josh Horowitz. "The perennial complaint is that I'm crap at it. ... I'm not a good texter."

And given that development, it's perhaps no surprise that he's not exactly a modern, technologically savvy Romeo, either. There would be no sexts in this hypothetical romance of yours, ladies. "I just don't get how that would ever be the culmination of satisfaction." At most, the actor explained, his version of sexting would result in his "becom[ing] a 1950s English soap opera character as well."

"I can't imagine it as anything but that," Radcliffe explained, dashing the dreams of hundreds of fan fic writers the world over.

But not all hope is lost — there is a MIGHTY big pause on Radcliffe's part when considering the question "have you ever sent a photo of your penis to a loved one?" So don't stop believing, fan girls.

Radcliffe's latest, "What If," with Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, and Mackenzie Davis hits theaters on August 8th.

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