Scott Gries / Getty Images

You Can Now Go To Jail For Wearing Saggy Pants

Pick it up.

Yes, wearing saggy jeans could get the attention of the fashion police, but now, in one Florida city busting a sag could get you in trouble with the actual police.

I'm assuming police in Ocala, Florida, don't have enough to do do because last week the city council approved an ordinance that prohibits anyone from wearing their pants two inches below their natural waist line while on city property. Anyone caught sagging their pants on city streets, parks or public transportation facilities can be fined $500 and face possible jail time, according to the Miami Herald.

The ordinance was also proposed in 2009, but shot down because some feared that it would lead to racial profiling. It's no secret saggy pants are a popular trend in hip-hop -- everyone from Nelly (remember his epic 2000 VMA performance) to Lil Wayne has sported the look at one time or another. And in 2008, Ft. Myers, Florida, rapper Plies recorded "Pants Hang Low" to celebrate the look.

Wearing your jeans below the belt line isn't for everyone though. Rappers like A$AP Rocky and Drake often opt for a more traditional look, but if they ever do a show in Ocala, they may not have a choice.

Still, it isn't the rap stars getting into hot water that's the most troublesome, it's the thought that a local government can dictate how young people dress. First it's saggy jeans, next it's the way you tie your shoe laces or the way you wear your hat.