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Demi Lovato Narrowly Avoids Peeing Her Pants Onstage: Here's How

You might develop something she calls a 'pee-gut.' Read on.

What starts with "pee" and ends with "gut"? Demi Lovato's about to tell you.

Last night, the "Really Don't Care" singer was performing a Live Nation concert at Harry Bridges Memorial Park in Long Beach, California. What the Lovatics in the audience didn't know, however, was that Ms. Demetria D. had to pee the entire time, a secret she later revealed on Twitter.

Thank you, Demi, for introducing us to the word "pee-gut." Consider our vocabularies scarred for life.

So, there you have it. Ladyfriend narrowly avoided peeing her pants onstage by...literally not peeing her pants onstage. (No disrespect to Fergie. All choices are valid.)

The 21-year-old face of Sketchers later tweeted: "F--k. I really just tweeted that. WHO DOES THAT?!!?! HAHAHAHA." Someone who really don't care, mayyyyybe?