‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Recap: Mimi's A Cover Girl, Joseline Is Jealous

Mimi lands the cover of Benzino's magazine, sending Joseline over the edge.

Life comes at you fast. That was the running theme for what we'll call the “life happens” episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” as the castmates attempted to deal with the aftermath of last week’s release of Mimi and Nikko’s scandalous sex tape.

The newly minted adult video stars seemed to be handling things very well. Nikko worked his way back into casa de Mimi as he was in her bed, giddily reading comments about their trending tryst.

“Mimi’s shower rod even has its own handle,” Mimi read, with a hint of pride before she admonished Joseline for the miles on her genitals and not making one red cent for being naked on the Internet.

During an in-studio conversation between Rasheeda and Kalenna, viewers learned that the former Diddy Dirty Money singer is pregnant. Later, when Kalenna told Tony that he was going to be a father, they realized how they slipped up.

“That’s that make-up sex,” Tony said, referring to their rekindled fire in the wake of his wife's breakup with her lover-on-the-side, Ashley.

Momma Dee was upset, as usual, because Lil Scrappy declared his love for Bambi by giving her a promise ring without consulting the queen of the palace first.

Tensions were still high between Stevie J and Joseline because the Puerto Rican Princess didn’t believe her husband’s repeated denials that he slept with Althea.

“Are you gon’ bring me a disease?” she asked

“Yeah, it’s called money-itis,” he retorted.

Ariane, Rasheeda and Erica confronted Mimi about her claims that the sex tape was a leak and not the work of a professional, but Mimi was still reeling from her dad’s stroke. Her friends finally relented, though, when Mimi revealed that she just needed their support. Still, she stood by her claim that her porno was indeed an amateur tape.

“[Vivid] cut it and slowed it down and added music to make it look fancy,” she explained.

Benzino gave Mimi a lesson in Journalism 101, when he told her that he could put her on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly without paying her the $10,000 fee she demanded for doing it. Mimi, who was definitely enjoying and cashing in on her newfound “fame,” threatened to sic her lawyers on 'Zino. But she'll soon learn that as a public figure, he can use her likeness on the magazine’s cover as long as he doesn’t commit libel against her.

This week’s closer was the blowup between Steebie and Joseline, who hit her boiling point after seeing Mimi on the cover of the same magazine that featured her centerfold spread.

To his credit, Stevie had a conversation with Benzino about putting his ex on the cover, but didn’t know that his boy would move forward with it without running it by him beforehand.

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1.