Miley Cyrus Sticks It To The Paps: See The Pic

One bejeweled finger, coming up!

This should not surprise you, but Miley Cyrus does not give a f--k. It's her house, she can do what she want to.

So when this photo emerged of Miley flicking off some photographers, I just had to have a little giggle. Because of course she's giving the paps the finger. Of course she has rainbow polyester extensions in her hair. Of course she's covering her pimple with a sparkly butterfly adhesive. And of course her eyes are still on the road -- just because she's glittery and attitudey doesn't mean she's not responsible!

^^^Look, I blurred the photo for you guys, so you don't have to see the indecency.

Where was Miley going in her SUV after leaving Chateau Marmont? My guess is that she was driving out to the desert to spend the night decorating cacti and sleeping with kangaroo rats. That's why she woke up topless in the sand.