A Brief History Of Iggy Azalea's Music Video Style

Our latest episode of House of Style takes us behind the scenes of Iggy Azalea’s video for "Black Widow." You know, the one with that catchy hook featuring Rita Ora that has them both wielding samurai swords and slaying bad guys? If you haven't seen it by now, pause your reading, watch it here, and get back to me. Our on-set excursion shows all of the little details that go into creating the video, from martial arts rehearsals to fittings with Iggy's stylist, Alejandra Hernandez, and costume designer Marco Marco.

Watch House Of Style: On The Set Of 'Black Widow'

It's exciting not just because it's an exclusive insider's look at the making of a music video, but also because, when it comes to the video fashion game, Iggy is on top thanks to her catalog of versatile styles and immense attention to detail, all the way down to what the extras are wearing. Come with me on a journey through Iggy's videography (so far).


Our first introduction to the rapper from down under featured an unforgettable sample from Boomerang (NSFW, kids). When the beat drops, you get to see Iggy's fashion bonafides: a teeny-tiny striped bandeau bra top accompanied by delicate silver jewelry and a thousand-yard stare.

Moments later we see high-waisted yellow pants, black leather peep-toe ankle boots, and a black-and-white parasol. Iggy knows that the best way to protect fair skin is with ample sun protection.

The best accessory for a hot summer day, though? Ice cream.

Slow down, Iggy. Don't give yourself an ice cream headache.


"My World" was one of Iggy's first breakout videos, catching attention for more than just the shock-and-awe lyrics with an infectious beat and visually stunning video. In Iggy's world, every Azalean owns a cropped leather jacket.

The biggest takeaway from "My World," other than that we're all going to wear seriously sick shoes and cheerleading uniforms, is how crucial outerwear is. Whether it's a pink faux-fur shrug.

A studded leather gilet.

A structured green blazer with a dalmatian-print skirt.

Or a spiked leather jacket.

Cotton candy laced in gold is optional though.


Iggy lets her hair down, literally, for "Last Song." Filmed mostly in black and white, we find Azalea on the set of a photo shoot, in the darkroom, and in the boudoir for this slow burner.

Fringed crop tops, oversized sunglasses, and seriously blown out hair are just one of the many monochromatic looks that we find the blonde beauty stunting. Also, peep the lightly crimped hair around the crown.

Sequined hot pants accompany a strapless fringed body-conscious dress, which is what you wear when you're serving supermodel realness. It's no wonder that RuPaul, supermodel of the world (and my imaginary best friend), and Iggy got along so swimmingly the last time they hung out.

But lest you think that Iggy's given up on her signature ponytail, she lets you know she hasn't.


Did you know that Iggy's next joint with Diplo and FKi for "I Think She Ready" is completely shoppable? Well, it is.

Montreal-based online retailer SSENSE not only styled the entire video with pieces from designers such as Givenchy, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rick Owens, and Preen, but pioneered the interactive technology allowing viewers to acquire everything that's being shown in the video.

Being on the forefront of fashion technology isn't a requirement to be a host of House of Style, but it's definitely a plus, as we believe in the democratization of fashion.

Fashion for the masses, y'all!

If you need me, I'll be adding Iggy's mustard yellow dress to my cart.


This boxing-themed revenge vid is helmed by Iggy, Steve Aoki, and Angger Dimas.

Iggy gets to business and shows you that, while clad in black hot pants, Louboutin heels (naturally), a gold collared necklace, and a bustier with serious tassel action, she's about to dance all over your face whilst whipping her ponytail.

Don't let how demure Iggy looks in this silk blouse and cheetah-print trousers throw you off.

Behind the American Beauty special effects lies the heart of a fighter, even if it is clothed in a delightful, sleeveless, daffodil-colored gown.


Click-clack, bang-bang, we're in the murda bizness.

At least our outfits are in the business of killing it always.

In "Murda Bizness", Iggy plays the most glamorous stage mom that I've ever seen.

Not only is she rocking an amazing amount of costume jewelry, but also business-casual basics like that sleeveless silk blouse (with chain print!), blazer (blue with leopard detail!), and trousers, all of which have got me rethinking my whole stance on ladies with suits.

Seriously, this outfit is a show-stopper.

Honorable mention goes to T.I.’s Cosby sweater.


Excuse me, Iggy? What art school gang did you join in order to cop that super sweet Mona Lisa leather jacket?

A recurring motif in Iggy's video wardrobe is the combination of high-low.

She and her stylist, Alejandra Hernandez, decided to combine Adidas booty shorts with that midriff-baring rose bustier.

And vintage Versace trousers. Iggy's fashion style combines the masculine, feminine, gaudy, glamorous, designer, and indie.

It's only fitting, then, that the video's last look is from Etsy retailer Mr.RiK VillA.


In "Work," we catch the Australian MC in the middle of the desert wearing a printed Dolce & Gabbana two-piece while "walking a mile in her Louboutins."

Oh, and a baby-blue Givenchy bag. Did we forget to mention that?

We later catch Iggy wearing a glittery crop top and red skinny jeans with an adorable top knot in front of a flaming swing set.

Iggy's "Work" wardrobe is what I like to call "subtly savvy." Wearing as little as possible while walking in the desert means less sweat. Tucking that ponytail away lest it get caught on fire? Practical.

A plum-colored fur coat over a white mesh swimsuit? Reasonable. Deserts get downright chilly when the sun sets.

And now that the fire's out, it's time to bust out that ponytail again.

A perforated yellow visor to go with your black bra top and Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals? Makes for great shade, and cuts down on glare.

I'm telling you. There are levels to this.

Strategically placed palm trees? Well that's just being sensible.

"Work" is also where Iggy the film student is introduced. Think that lap dance looks familiar?

And if the Death Proof director's cut is too gritty a reference for you, never fear—Iggy melds it with Australian comedy-drama classic The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

But before you get too swept up with all the film references, Iggy brings you back down with another animal print outfit this time a dalmatian print blazer.

With intricate doodles on top.

And short shorts, because business on the top, party on the bottom.


Iggy goes back to black (and white) for "Slo." While the video only showcases a couple of different looks, they're shown off for maximum contrast and style. There's a black textured trench.

A fit-and-flare white dress that she wore on the cover of Hunger.

A black bikini.

And a white overcoat trimmed in black piping and layered with baubles.


My previous talk about Iggy being hellbent on world domination wasn't an idle comment, considering that when Iggy wants to give her song "Bounce" the Bollywood treatment she goes straight to the source: India.

Take a good look at her printed silk blouse before she leaves to go blow your mind.

"Bounce" is filled with incredibly gorgeous fabrics sourced from both the United States and India, all used to make the video's shawls and saris, like this delicate tea-colored one.

And this printed wrap.

Here's the back.

The show-stopper, however, is the gold bodysuit that Iggy wears while riding atop an elephant. The ’fit feels equal parts Parveen Babi in "Namak Halal" and zentai suit.

Like you weren't thinking it.

But that doesn't diminish from the cavalcade of saris in almost every shade of the rainbow, as well as white.

Purple over a gold bra top!






Iggy the Film Fan™ is back for the first single off her album The New Classic. This time, we find Iggy deep in the heart of "Sin City" (not that one), channeling her favorite showgirl, Nomi Malone.

The nude bedazzled bodysuit might read a little Britney, but tell me that isn't Vegas, with a necklace dripping in diamonds and giant feathered headdress.

I'm equal parts confused and in love with this crimson Di$count $uper$tore half-jacket + black two-piece Shakuhachi swimsuit combo. P.S. Way to have love for your Aussie designers, Iggs. <3

Later we find Iggy in the dressing room, trying on a Lucite cowboy hat. This isn't the only time Azalea's gone a little country, but the transparency of her headgear here is really special.

Also, she does her own touch-ups! (*on camera, at least)

Iggy being escorted out of the premises in a white Tom Ford pantsuit is part Casino, part Scarface, and all awesome. I can only hope that the next time I'm being asked to leave a place of business, I look half as good.

Iggy's outfit while burning down the Cheetah Club is something else. Not only is she wearing a rhinestone-encrusted Di$count Univer$e crop top, she's pairing it with Patricia Fields gloves, a serious leather skirt, and a garter/thigh-high boots situation.

Now, it wouldn't be a Showgirls-inspired video without a shoutout to nails, would it?

When in Vegas, hang with a white tiger, right? Let's also note how well Iggy's black and white look (high-waisted silk shorts and criss-cross bra combo from What Katie Did) coordinates with the QT baby tiger's stripes. Aww, matchy matchy.


Full disclosure: When we first saw "Fancy," we fell out of our chairs. Not only were the outfits completely spot-on, but we learned from a behind-the-scenes video (thanks Iggy!) that the video was filmed at the actual Clueless high school. #legendary

The video opens with Iggy-Cher browsing through an updated version of the movie's closet organizer while wearing a vintage Betsey Johnson robe. In the 19 years since the film was originally released, we've developed the technology to almost approximate Cher's genius closet situation via Metail's digital fitting room.

Iggy and her video classmates' monochromatic outfits echo those in the movie. They also help make our case that the bra over shirt trend is making a comeback.

In the vid's party scene, Charli XCX is decked out in a bustier with fur cups, while Iggy is dressed in a cropped sweater and Asian-inspired dress because in the '90s chinoiserie was a thing. Iggy, bless, is also accessorizing with a choker and butterfly clips. I hope for the sake of authenticity either or both of them are slathered in roll-on body glitter and CK1.

There's also a great pink-and-yellow Just Cavalli sweater and white fuzzy skirt that Iggy wears. And while this particular look might not be from the movie, it definitely honors the spirit of it. The pen however is a dead ringer.

Of course there's Cher's iconic plaid tartan suit, paired with a sunshine yellow cardigan, white blouse, and matching white knee-high socks, which you can actually purchase online now. (Or at least a very close approximation of it.)


Who dat, who dat, big bouffanted fembot in the black turtle neck and pants? Iggy, of course.

I'm telling you, if there's a fourth installment of Austin Powers, we know who to call.

Look at this Nancy Sinatra realness.

Ariana Grande's not so bad either in her monochromatic miniskirt and crop top with matching go-go boots because of course.


Iggy teams up with Atlanta-based rapper T.I. to go on vacation once again for "No Mediocre." This time the duo is in Brazil. (Shouts to whatever frequent-flyer plan Iggy's on.) The first time we see Iggs she's stuntin' in a Michael Kors bodysuit, blue Pucci anorak, Louboutins, and a Dolce & Gabbana LOVE belt.

And while the second outfit that Iggy wears is more casual, it is, as the song says, by no means mediocre. In order to get her swerve on with "Tip," Iggy rocks a blue halter top, a gold chain, her heels, and some sea foam green Rag & Bone shorts to which we can only say:




Speaking of "slay," that brings us to "Black Widow." We first see our girl half asleep in a monochromatic waitress uniform, complete with apron and name tag ("Fox"). It's not the most ~glamorous~ of Iggy's video 'fits, but hold on—you're about to get an upgrade.

What'd I tell you? Presenting O-Ren Iggy.

Iggy's fantasy outfit (spoiler alert) is a monochromatic bodysuit from Marco Marco. Iggy, you beautiful black-and-white cookie, I see you serving "Lady Snowblood" realness.

Shoutout to Quentin Tarantino. Double shouts to the Masamune, the actual swordsmith that Hattori Hanzo is based upon.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better? There's Rita Ora in another skintight catsuit, this time in red and black right next to her. Just um, don't piss them off, OK?

For a deeper dive on the snug-fitting kung fu threads, peep our exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage when House of Style went on the set of "Black Widow":