The Sea Ate These Legos In 1997 And Is Still Spitting Them Back Up

The sea took them.

In 1997, a random event set into motion what has essentially become a strange, ongoing scavenger hunt-turned-art project, which continues on nearly a decade later.

You know how they say a butterfly flaps its wings in China and something something hurricane something? Well, a wave hit a ship in 1997 and 67 containers were tossed overboard, many of them containing Lego sets. Pieces of those Lego sets, many of them (ironically) nautical themed, have been washing up on beaches for years. The Legos Lost At Sea project has been collecting spooky/cool/somehow unsettling pictures of these Legos to share with the Lego-loving public.

Check out a few pictures below, and visit the project's Facebook page to see more.