Will Selena Gomez Find Love At 22? We Asked A Psychic

Happy Birthday, Selena. Now let's sort out your life.

It's Selena Gomez's birthday! Let's celebrate by speculating obsessively about her love life! Even more than usual! (There's rumors that she's dating a hot model, and we're pretty stoked on that -- even though we know she's more than her relationship.) Lucky for us, we have a cheat sheet -- in the form of the very stars and planets.

Yup, we asked resident psychic Licorice Root to gaze into Gomez's 22nd year and tell us what's in store for the singer and her on-again/off-again paramour, Justin Bieber -- and, you know, other dudes as well. Check out what she sees written in those gassy spheres below:

Happy Birthday, Selena Gomez! Say "goodbye" to twenty-fun and "hello" to twenty-two. It's your Golden Birthday!

What will this year’s journey around the sun bring to one of our favorite Disney graduates? Love? Marriage? Fame and fortune? Danger and intrigue? Cancers are well-known for being excellent caretakers and nurturers, and this lady-crab seems to be taking wonderful care of herself, especially compared to her reckless ex, Justin Bieber! Will they reunite? Will she meet someone new? Only time will tell, but let’s put on our wizarding caps and give her birth chart a look.

The biggest planet in the sky, Jupiter, is connecting to Selena’s natal Venus, promising a huge year for her in terms of love. The goddess of love, Venus, is located on the ascendant of Selena Gomez’s chart. This alignment acts as insurance that she’ll be very attractive throughout her life, and being that her Venus is in the show-stealing sign of Leo, it’s no wonder she’s a performer who loves the warming rays of bright, flashing camera lights.

Jupiter expands and exaggerates whatever point of the chart he is occupying -- being that Jupiter is on her ascendant for the next few months, I bet her fame will only increase, her beauty will grow and she’ll meet someone special.

It won’t be all easy-peasy for this pop princess. Jupiter promises plenty of good luck, but she’ll still need to be her responsible Cancerian self when Jupiter comes to oppose her Saturn, the planet of maturity, come early October. I expect that during this time, she’ll be very vocal about whatever she is (or has) experienced, being that Mercury, the planet of communication is thrown into the mix of this Saturn vs Jupiter showdown.

With Uranus, the planet of rebellion, approaching Gomez’s Moon in Aries, it’s likely we’ll see this starlet act a little differently, a little more impulsively, and little more, well, rebelliously!

I suspect we’ll hear Gomez talk a bit more this year about her values and personal beliefs; it’s likely she will tie it into her creativity in some way. One of her main focuses this year will be innovation, invention and experimentation. Whatever formulas she may have been following will be ripped to shreads over the next two years.

So, is Justin Beiber the one? I hate to judge, but I can’t see that it could ever be smooth sailing for these two, not so long as he continues his shenanigans.

Gomez’s astrological chart paints the picture of someone who strives to be in command and who savors the living, doing, tactile part of life -- while Bieber simply is way more of a dreamer and less of a realist, and, at least for the time being, far less responsible.

Selena looks off at the sunset and sighs to herself as she marvels at the complexity of this amazing 3D reality we live in, while the Biebs closes his eyes, not seeing the beauty before him, but imagining a sunset on some distant planet in a universe he created in his mind.

Both types of thinking are needed in this world, but the pair will likely be sad that no matter how close they are, they both appreciate different things.

So, who could Gomez live happily ever after with? I’d love to see her with a hot Aries who shares her lust for life, such as Nathan Sykes, who happens to have a Pisces moon, which would play well with her Cancer sun being that both signs are ruled by Water (and we already know she loves that Pisces energy, ahem, Justin Bieber).

An Aquarius could also be well suited for Gomez; the Water Bearer would likely make her feel safe and secure. Taylor Lautner would suit her well; he’s an Aquarius whose Moon in Taurus is right next to Gomez’s Mars in Taurus -- they would have a very touchy-feely relationship. Loads of physical attraction, and definitely lots of emotional investment!

Happy Birthday, Selena Gomez! Your year ahead looks lovely, and I bet I’ll have lots of new questions to ask about you when the Sun returns to its degree of your birth next year.