The Reason 'Teen Wolf''s Holland Roden Doesn't Need Deodorant -- Ever

Show director Jen Lynch says Lydia's squeaky-clean visage isn't too far from reality.

Does straight-A student/mythical banshee Lydia Martin strike you as someone who smells like a lilac-dusted, honey-crusted, fresh spring rain? Well, a certain "Teen Wolf" director is here to confirm your top-note suspicions.

In the "Teen Wolf After After Show" below, "Teen Wolf" director Jen Lynch fields a slew of bizarre questions from Twitter fans (when's the last time Nicolas Cage came up in casual conversation?). Among them: What does Holland Roden smell like?

"I told her she smelled good when we were working together last week," Lynch tells host Morgan Evans. "She smells clean but genuinely clean. Not like a soap...sort of like the girl you envied in high school."

"I'm pretty sure, in fact, she doesn't sweat," Lynch adds. Lady Speed Stick, you might have just stumbled upon your new spokeswoman. Imagine the savings on dry cleaning!

For more on what Lynch considers the most binge-watch-worthy shows, how peeing has become the most important part of her day and why an all-naked episode of "Teen Wolf" would be her dream come true, watch the full interview segment. And don't forget to keep up with "Teen Wolf" on Monday nights at 10/9c!