Emma Stone And Colin Firth Are The Cutest Non-Couple Ever

23-year age gap or no, these two are platonic perfection.

Today in adorable odd-couple celebrity friendships: "Magic in the Moonlight" co-stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth are actually real-life besties who finish each other's sentences, make fun of each other's foibles, and text each other all the time while watching each other's movies.

An interview with Emma and Colin from The Daily Beast offers a little peek into their friendship, which seems to consist primarily of Emma making fun of Colin Firth for... well, being Colin Firth, while Colin responds by stammering and/or blushing adorably. Among the best moments from the piece:

Firth: I backpacked through France and Italy in my teens, and then I was at Cannes with the first movie I did in ’84.

Stone: God… you were in a movie 115 years ago?

Firth: Oh God, here we go.

Also of note: The part where Emma watched "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" and spent the entire time live-texting Colin a play-by-play of his performance in the movie, and the part where Colin turns the conversation to the magnificent topic of coldwater weenie shrinkage. Can these two just do every interview together from now on, whether they're starring in each other's movies or not?