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The Best Pranks To Play At Your Wedding (Without Ruining It)

Marriage doesn't always have to be sacred. For the bride and groom, it's their party and they can prank who they want to.

Every girl dreams about her wedding day. Mine is an awkward beach wedding where I’m told the groom is not coming. As I cry and guests inch away, my future husband walks out of the ocean in a tuxedo and we get married. It’s pretty weird and specific.

I love pranks so much I’d marry them, but would settle for just messing with the guests. Weddings are stressful, but couples can easily cope with the pressure by punking everyone who takes it seriously. When the bride and groom are behind it, no one sees it coming, and the best part is they can get away with almost anything because it’s their day.

Here are creative wedding pranks a couple can pull on their wedding guests -- and on each other.

The Objection

This version of the objection prank is tame. No problem, this joke is great because it allows people to put their own spin on it. Having a kid object romantically will be a cute joke that appeals to more guests than him yelling, “Dad!”

The Cake Face Misdirection

Who says you need to rub cake all over your spouse's face? If the best man and maid of honor did more roasting than toasting in their speeches, now's the perfect time for delicious revenge.

The Garter Utility Belt

It’s a common groom prank to go under to get the garter and come up with granny panties. That doesn’t mean you should miss an opportunity for a bait and switch. Grooms can get creative with an old idea by pulling out the weirdest items possible –- a magician’s amount of scarfs, fake snakes or maybe a rotisserie chicken, if the bride is cool with it.

The Lost Ring

This joke is so old, it’s almost traditional, but the bride and groom can update it with a twist. Have another groomsman switch out the ring at the last minute without telling the best man, and make him think he actually lost it playing the most cliché prank possible. It will feel like a super-meta episode of "The Twilight Zone"...that he ruined.

The First (Break) Dance

YouTube is full of first dance fake-outs, and a lot of them are painfully corny, but this one has extra sleight-of-hand ingenuity. Just make sure the trading places prank doesn't lead to any confusion when the marriage is consummated. And on that note...

The Mother-In-Law Swap

Being creative doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea. Sometimes it means doing something no one else will do. Ever. That's the case with this bride’s prank. I don’t recommend it, but pulling off a prank that will make the groom never want to see his mom again is oddly impressive.