The Best Pranks To Play At Your Wedding (Without Ruining It)

Marriage doesn't always have to be sacred. For the bride and groom, it's their party and they can prank who they want to.

Every girl dreams about her wedding day. Mine is an awkward beach wedding where I’m told the groom is not coming. As I cry and guests inch away, my future husband walks out of the ocean in a tuxedo and we get married. It’s pretty weird and specific.

I love pranks so much I’d marry them, but would settle for just messing with the guests. Weddings are stressful, but couples can easily cope with the pressure by punking everyone who takes it seriously. When the bride and groom are behind it, no one sees it coming, and the best part is they can get away with almost anything because it’s their day.

Here are creative wedding pranks a couple can pull on their wedding guests — and on each other.

The Objection

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