Miley Cyrus Wakes Up From Her Crafting Coma, Topless In A Desert

Literally redefining 'I woke up like this.'

After holing up at home in some kind of Michael's-induced crafting stupor for about a month, the rare and exotic Avis Cyrus -- er, Miley Cyrus has finally emerged.

And oh yeah, she's topless in the desert. Hope she brought sunscreen!


The "Adore You" singer's been on a kind of summer vacation since the European leg of her Bangerz Tour ended on June 22. (It picks back up in Uniondale, New York, on August 1 BTW.) And in case you haven't noticed, she's gotten pretty obsessed with DIY crafting.

Five bucks says Miley's secretly wearing those gemstone Groucho Marx glasses, and we just can't see 'em because she's turned around. Calling it.

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