Kidnapper-Mom Lori Will Take Some 'Major Risks' To Reunite With 'Carter'

Actress Milena Govich says her character is getting desperate to see the girl she calls her daughter.

If looks could kill, Lori would have stopped David's heart when she spotted him hugging Carter on last week's episode of "Finding Carter." And things are about to change, actress Milena Govich insists, because Carter's kidnapper is no longer content watching the teenager's biological family raise her as their own while perched in the shadows.

"The longer that [Lori's] been in hiding, the more desperate she starts to get as far as wanting to get her child back and wanting to contact her child," Govich told Zap2It. "You can imagine as a parent or any loved one, if someone's been taken from you, what would you do to get that person back? What would you risk? Lori is definitely going to take some major risks coming up to try and reunite with Carter."

Viewers still aren't totally clear on why Carter was kidnapped, or if Lori's reasons for abducting her were just, but either way, Govich says fan support for the character has shocked her.

"I'm getting people writing to me on Twitter saying, 'I want you to abduct me!'" she shared. "It's bananas. I think it's a sign of great writing and great storytelling when you find yourself rooting for somebody that's totally inappropriate."

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