Stiles' Purple Sweatshirt Made Its Grand Entrance On Last Night's 'Teen Wolf'


When we took a tour of Teen Wolf’s wardrobe department earlier this season, costume designer Barbara Vazquez explained that Dylan O'Brien never wears jackets. When they were filming season one, she explained, he'd always wear a purple hoodie between takes. Barbara decided to pay homage to real Dylan through Stiles by outfitting him with a purple hoodie this season.

And, well, last night was the night. Stiles wore the light purple sweatshirt as he stood around with his dad and Scott solvin' crimes, tapin' things to a clear whiteboard, and makin' clever quips. He wore it over a black tee–wait, Stiles in a T-shirt? I must be dreaming. JK, I must be watching an episode of Teen Wolf that will haunt my dreams.

The much-anticipated hoodie didn't get much screen time, but here's hoping it reappears. If Dylan wore it all the time on set, Stiles has to wear it at least once more, right? We'll keep our eyes peeled. For now, though, check it out in all its glory in "I.E.D.," below!