Beyonce's On The Run Tour Wardrobe Includes Denim Sweatpants

Beyonce has been sharing sketches from the designers of her On the Run wardrobe throughout the tour and she recently shared two designs and accompanying descriptions from Nicola Formichetti for Diesel. As usual, though they may look rather simple, they took hours and hours of work.

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The leather jacket and #jorts combo that Bey wears was inspired by the Bonnie and Clyde style of the show. The leather jacket she wears includes an homage to Texas—her home state—and Blue Ivy. The rhinestone-encrusted "Texas" text on the back of the jacket alone took more than four hours.

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While the full denim look may seem more straightforward—there are no rhinestone words, for example—it's all an ~illusion~. You don't typically think "Beyonce" when you think of sweatpants, but all of that is about to change. This full denim look? Formichetti revealed that the outfit is actually made from a *special* kind of denim called Jogg Jeans. "Jogg looks and is treated like denim but feels like sweatpants, offering for whoever wears it optimal movement," Formichetti said.

So a denim-sweatpants hybrid must be pretty easy to make, right? "Jogg Jeans cannot be distressed the same way as regular denim so our team developed custom treatments exclusively for Beyonce," Formichetti said. "Each dangling thread was pulled out one-by-one over the course of three days by a team of four people. The entire piece was then hand-painted to match the curves of Beyonce's body and movements."

The denim outfit was created over the course of a month. Between that and the leather jacket customization, I totally get it—I mean, that's how long all of my outfits take to put together, too.