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5 Seconds Of Summer Just Put On A Bunch Of Thongs

Here are some of the best moments from 5SOS' "Live From MTV."

5 Seconds of Summer are probably regretting singing about underwear now. On Monday (July 21), MTV put them to the true underwear test when the band visited us during "Live from MTV."

Host Christina Garibaldi challenged Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton to put on as many pairs of underwear as they could -- including thongs. Surprisingly, Michael was pretty skilled at the whole thing.

Now, I won't tell you the winner, because you can just rewatch the live stream here:

Other awesome moments from the stream?

When we forced them to eat large amounts of Chinese food:

When Ashton couldn't stop checking the holes on his shirt:

When they performed "Amnesia" acoustically:

When Michael got all poetic and told us about black, white and the gray in between:

Of course, when they put the undies on: